Velofel Male Enhancement Reviews & What is Price for Sale in Canada?

About the product:

Are you worried about your penis size? Is your sexual life nonexistent? Do you lack sexual confidence? ‘Velofel’ is the product that will help you increase your sexual drive and boost your confidence. Some surveys on sexual health and satisfaction revealed astonishing results. The study showed that 63% of men suffer from small penis syndrome, 19% of men avoid sex due to lack of self-confidence, 67% of men feel sexual health has an effect on life satisfaction, and 37% men believe embarrassment is a significant sexual barrier. The product Velofel will help you overcome your problems and enable you to have a stress free and happy sexual life.

Ingredients of Velofel:

Velofel Male Enhancement boasts of an all-natural ingredients list which is designed to combat sexual problems

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract: Horny Goat Weed Extract has been used for ages to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Korean Ginseng Powder: Korean Ginseng Powder boosts your sex drive and improves male fertility.
  • Long Jack Extract: Long Jack Extract has been used to improve male fertility and boost testosterone levels in the body. It also gives an increased sex drive.
  • Monkey Head Hericium: Monkey Head Hericium helps you to improve your performance in bed.
  • Maca Dry Extract: Maca Dry Extract is used to treat sexual health problems and mainly treat erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of Velofel Pill:

  • Improved Sexual Confidence: Regular use of Velofel is known to enhance your sexual life and thereby boost your sexual confidence.
  • Increased Penis Size: Velofel boosts the blood flow to the penis, which helps in increasing its size.
  • Improved libido and sex drive: Velofel increases your sex drive and boosts your performance in bed.
  • Longer, harder, and bigger erections: The product helps you achieve stronger and harder erections resulting in improved sex performance.
  • Increases staying power: The supplement helps you maintain your erections for long. It also treats premature ejaculation.

Price and order details:

You can place your order here:

If you place an order now, you will be charged R 70, which is the shipping and handling fees with the package protection. You can choose to eliminate the package protection option. You will also be enrolled in the 16 Week Fitness Challenge. After 30 days of subscription, you will be registered in the monthly subscription for R 1565. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can cancel within 30 days.

Customer Reviews:

  • User 1: I suffered from premature ejaculation, and ever since I started taking Velofel, my situation has improved. My wife now loves the change and is happy than ever.
  • User 2: I’m almost 50, and with age, my erections weren’t hard enough. I saw a friend taking Velofel, which compelled me to buy the product. I haven’t regretted it yet.


This Male Enhancement Formula helps in regaining your sex life and improves sexual intimacy between you and your partner. It helps treat all sexual troubles and improves you’re staying power. The supplement helps in achieving a better and satisfying life all over again. Velofel is available for purchase online from the official website.


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